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A quick simple step by step to cutting our tall cakes


You will need:

  • A chopping/cutting board

  • A large sharp knife

How to Cut a tall cake 1.jpg
  • Cut your first slice 5cm (2 inches) from the edge of the cake. 

  • Hold your board on its side, next to the side where you are cutting. 

  • Once cut through gently lean the first slice over onto the board and place down on the bench or table

How to Cut a tall cake 2.jpg
  • Cut the slice into long rectangular pieces, approximately 2.5cm (1 inch) wide

  • This portion is a Dessert Portion

  • If you are wanting Coffee portions follow on to step 3

How to Cut a tall cake 3.jpg
  • For a Coffee Portion (this is the most common serving size), cut each piece in half through the middle - as illustrated

  • For Bite Sized Portions, cut each layer into a piece

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